Stainless Steel Division

Stainless Steel Division

Stainless Steel Division

Rigid Industries’ stainless steel division specializes in the design and manufacture of premium quality stainless steel products for furniture and architectural applications. We provide our customers with the best stainless steel solutions for various projects. Our distribution network allows us to export the products to other regions than the UAE.

    Benches Outdoor

    Rigid Industries is a leading manufacturer and retailer of Outdoor Furniture and Outdoor Benches. Nowadays people want to spend time in an open environment. Our outdoor Benches are superior quality, attractive design and Comfortable. Our design experts keep the sitting posture in mind while designing the benches for comfortable sitting. Our experts can make all type of designs as per the specification is given. We also provide free consulting about open area sitting arrangements for the Garden, Park or any other area as per your need.


    Canopies are used to sheltering an entrance, support of lighting systems, and weather protection for people, equipment, or outdoor storage. Rigid Industry manufactures a wide variety of commercial, industries and residential use. As a leading stainless steel canopies manufacture, we supply canopies to retail store chains, Business centers, Petroleum Companies, and general contractors to supply the materials and installation. We provide all necessary supports (Designing etc) to satisfy the customer.

    Column Cladding

    At Rigid, Column cladding is available in a variety of configurations and heights from circular column cladding to rectangular column cladding. We can also deliver column cladding as desired by you.


    The console table is used to upgrade visible impression to the guests by keeping A mirror, lamp and family photos in the Hall or can be used to have a cup of coffee while watching TV or can be used to keep things which you need near the sofa or sitting arrangement of your Hall, We manufacture best quality and attractive design which will uplift decor.


    Stainless Steel Doors are the best option not only for the security of your house but it also adds an elegant look to your house/Villa. Rigid Stainless Steel Doors and Frames are very high quality and designed carefully reliable when it comes to providing maximum security.


    In contemporary architectural styles, we agree with the concept of stylish handrails. Usually, handrails are covered by pillars or directly placed on walls. At Rigid, we not only deliver good handrails, but we also maintain the correct height and place. We have a mix of versatility and design. Our mirror finish and brush finish designer handrails can be used to upgrade your home or business.

    Glass, Wooden and Stainless Steel Handrails

    A known brand in the furniture industry is Rigid Industries. At a very inexpensive price, the company sells a comprehensive selection of handrails. We have a huge collection of handrails to choose from according to your requirements. To produce a modern and chic elegance, we use stainless steel, glass railing and wooden material. For all styles of handrails and stair railing projects in Dubai and other emirates, we are the Wooden handrail Manufacturer in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi that develop tailored solutions includes glass handrail, wooden handrails and stainless steel handrails. We provide exclusive handrails for both the interior and exterior decor at various commercial & residential places such as terrace railing, stair railings, swimming pool handrails, fences railing and barriers handrails. From manufacturing to installation, we have a one-stop solution. With outstanding manufacturing quality and on-time project execution, we work with end-users, construction planners, interior decorators and experts.


    Rigid Industries is leading litter bin manufacturers of United Arab Emirates, we design and produce a wide range of indoor and outdoor litter bins to suit all budgets and environments.


    The purpose of Skirting is to cover and fix the joint between the wall surface and floor so that the uneven edge of flooring next to the wall gets covered and it will also help to protect the wall from abrasion. Our team of experts can perform the best finish and perfect skirting work without taking much time and at reasonable cost.


    We are one of the leading manufacturers of tables and Furniture in the United Arab Emirates. We are specialized in manufacturing different types of Table used to serve various purposes. Our team of experts can manufacture bespoke tables as per the customer’s specifications. We manufacture Coffee Table, Centre Table, Dining Table, Side Table, Console Table, etc.

    Water Features

    These features are made of Stainless Steel 304 – Grade – Brushed Finish, supplied with Halogen Lights & Pebbles. No additional reservoir required the water recirculates from within a reservoir hidden inside the feature. Water features used to enhance exterior and interior spaces, which can be done in both residential and commercial spaces, made to Client’s specifications for Design.