Steel Wall Mounted Filing Cabinet

  • Space-Saving Design: Created to maximise vertical space, making it an excellent choice for compact or small areas.
  • Secure Locking System: Keep your belongings safe with our heavy-duty lock and key-locking system.
  • Efficient Storage: With shelves, the wall mounted cabinet provides efficient storage for various items, from household supplies to personal belongings.
  • Wall-Mounted Convenience: The cabinet can be easily mounted on walls, freeing up floor space and offering easy access to stored items.
  • Durable: Made from a high-grade CRCA sheet, it can support up to 14 kgs. It boasts unbeatable quality and durability, making it highly resistant to wear and tear.
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Introducing our Wall Mounted Cabinet, a versatile storage solution designed to declutter your space while adding a touch of functionality. Crafted with high-quality steel, this cabinet guarantees durability and longevity, ensuring it remains a valuable addition to your living or working area. Its space-saving design is perfect for areas where floor space is at a premium, allowing you to make the most of vertical space. With efficient storage options, the cabinet accommodates various items, helping you stay organised. Easy to install, it can be securely mounted on your wall, providing convenient access to stored items without sacrificing room. Some models even offer a locking mechanism for added security, ensuring your valuable possessions or sensitive documents are well-protected. Elevate your organisation game with our Wall Mounted Cabinet, a fusion of durability, functionality, and space optimization.

Additional information

Weight 14 kg
Dimensions 66 × 34 × 71 cm