Stainless Steel Bench with Wooden Top

  • Current Design: The Rigid Stainless Steel Bench boasts fully welded construction using high-quality Stainless Steel 304 grade material, infusing your space with contemporary elegance.
  • Durable Craftsmanship: Expertly crafted, this bench is constructed from top-notch Stainless Steel 304-grade material, ensuring robustness and longevity.
  • Elegant Wooden Top: The wooden top introduces a natural charm and warmth, creating a captivating contrast with the stainless steel frame.
  • Refined Finish: The hairline finish adds a subtle texture and refinement, contributing to an inviting tactile and visual experience.
  • Generous Seating Space: With dimensions of 450 mm in height and 1820 mm in width, this bench offers ample room for comfortable seating, enhancing the functionality of your space.
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Experience the epitome of modern sophistication with the Rigid Stainless Steel Bench ? a harmonious union of sleek design and functional comfort that adds a touch of elegance to your living space. This bench introduces a new dimension to seating, seamlessly integrating into your decor while providing a cozy sanctuary for relaxation. Meticulously engineered, the Rigid Stainless Steel Bench exemplifies the perfect amalgamation of modern aesthetics and structural integrity. Crafted with fully welded Stainless Steel 304-grade material, it ensures lasting durability and captivating visual appeal.

With a height of 450 mm and a width spanning 1820 mm, the Rigid Stainless Steel Bench offers a generously spacious area for comfortable seating. Its dimensions of 450x1820x430 create a harmonious balance, effortlessly blending into various spaces with a touch of understated elegance. The Rigid Stainless Steel Bench effortlessly adapts to diverse settings, whether enhancing your indoor ambiance or lending a touch of sophistication to your outdoor retreat. Weighing 41.5 kg, it strikes a perfect equilibrium between sturdy stability and convenient portability, allowing you to curate versatile seating arrangements effortlessly. Elevate your living environment with the Rigid Stainless Steel Bench ? a masterpiece that seamlessly combines modern design and functional comfort, making it a refined addition to your cherished home.

Additional information

Weight 41.5 kg
Dimensions 182 × 43 × 45 cm