Interior Design Ideas for Living Room

Designing the living room can appear as a simple task but it’s not. It requires time, energy, and lots of research. Furniture plays an important role in the functionality of a living room and hence forms a major part of interior designing. Thoughtfully selected pieces of furniture can transform the living space making it comfortable and relaxing. Here are some interesting designing ideas for the heart of your home focusing primarily on selection, arrangement, and integration of furniture.

Defining Your Style:

What is it that you want your living room to look like? To begin with you need to understand what you are looking for and how you wish to style it. There are different furniture choices available to select from.

  • When it comes to modern presentation, it involves sleek surface, minimal ornamentation, and clean lines.
  • Traditional furniture has rich wooden tones along with classic outlines and decorative details.
  • If you are willing to give your room a bohemian touch then it will be full of vibrant colours, mixture of patterns and colours.
  • If you believe in “less is more” concept then you can choose minimalist which are available in simple forms with neutral colours focussing more on functionality.
  • Yet another option is mid-century modern furniture which are made from natural wood with retro design and bold colours.

Textures and Materials:

There is huge variety of materials and textures available in the market when it comes to furniture selection. Selecting the right texture and material can add depth to your living room interior.

If you wish to add some warmth to your room then you must go for wooden interior. For a modern touch, metal can be used in frames or legs while glass can be used in tables and shelves for a more contemporary feel.

Sofa and Seating:

Sofa is generally the center piece of the living room and therefore it is essential that you select the right one. There are various aspects that you need to finalize before selecting the sofa of your choice which includes its size, material, and comfort.

  • Sofa must be in proportion to the room size and other furniture or else it might appear weird. Sofas are available in different shapes and sizes in the market such as standard sofa, sectional or modular sofa. While sectional sofas are best for large spaces, love seat sofa can be chosen for apartments with smaller room size.
  • Once you are sure about the size, select the material whether you wish to have in fabric or leather. While selecting the material, you need to keep in mind its resistance to wear if there are children in house and the ease of cleaning it.
  • The next thing you need to keep in mind is the comfort. Ensure that the sofa you choose is comfortable and best for relaxing. If you need additional seating then you may add armchairs, accent chairs, recliners, and ottomans.

Coffee Table and Side Tables:

Coffee table and side tables are functional furniture pieces which form a part of every living room. Some of the factors that might be considered while selecting these include style, functionality, size, and shape.

The tables should match the overall design theme. For example, if you have a modern setup then you may choose glass or acrylic tables while for rustic settings, wooden tables are preferable.

If you have larger space then rectangular table can be used while round tables are best for smaller spaces. The coffee table should be in proportion to the sofa; if it has shelves or drawers then it could add to its functionality.

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Storage Solutions:

Living room must be comfortable and clutter-free. Therefore, there must be appropriate storage solutions to manage things in proper manner.

TV stands must have enough space to store all Tv related electronic items such as DVDs, cables, and others. If you are fond of books then having a bookshelf is must where you can store all your books as well as artwork and other decorative items. Storage ottomans and benches are great for storing stuffs like cushions, blankets and games.


Personalization gives a feeling of belonging and therefore every living room has a personal touch in some way or the other. You can add vintage pieces that have sentimental value or family pictures. You may decorate with handmade items giving your room a much-needed personal touch.

Final Touches:

Now, your living room just requires some final touches for completion.

  • Rugs: Select where you want to add a rug whether you want to add as layer under the coffee table or somewhere else. Rugs add warmth and makes living room more welcoming.
  • Lighting: You can add different layers of lighting that complement your interiors and enhance their look. You may add chandeliers, table lamps, pendant lights or even floor lamps to complete the look.

Furniture is the backbone of a well-designed living room and Rigid Industries provides you with exactly what you need. The team carefully helps you select the pieces that are in accordance with your style and requirements. The selection is both elegant and functional while providing a comfortable and welcoming ambiance.

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