Furniture Care Tips – How to Clean Wood Furniture?

Do you want your furniture to last long? Are you wondering how to do it? The answer is simple. Taking good care of your wooden furniture will help your add years to its life. Wooden furniture adds life to living room making it welcoming. If you wish that feel last long then you must follow steps regularly required for its cleaning and maintenance. Here are some great furniture care tips which will guide well.

7 Tips for Easy Wood Furniture Care:

Dust Your Furniture Regularly

One of the easiest and simple way to keep your furniture clean is dusting it regularly. Doing so not only keeps it clean but saves it from dirt build-up which can harm it snatching away its shine. You can use a soft cotton or microfiber cloth to dust away without leaving any scratches behind. Feather dusters can also be used for cleaning it gently.

Use Soap Water Solution

If your wooden sofa doesn’t look clean even after dusting it thoroughly then you need to use soap and water solution for cleaning it. Mix a small amount of mild soap in warm water while doing so be certain that the soap is gentle and will not harm the sofa in any way.

Take a soft cloth, dampen it with the solution and wipe the sofa gently. Simultaneously, use another cloth dampened with plain water and wipe away any soap left on the surface. Once done, get the area rid of any moisture with a dry cloth.

Remove Stains and Spots

Timely stain and spot removal is necessary otherwise they can do permanent damage to your favourite pieces from furniture suppliers in Dubai. You might spot water stains in the form of while rings, remove them gently with a dampened cloth containing baking soda or toothpaste. The toothpaste used here must not be in gel form.

The other might that might be visible are heat marks. To get rid of heat marks, simply cover the area with a cloth and iron it with low heat for some seconds. The other stains that you might observe can be that of grease and oil. To remove these stains, rub a cloth after sprinkling baking soda on it. Baking soda is safe and does not harm the wooden furniture.

Polish and Condition

Regularly polishing and conditioning the wooden furniture helps in retaining its luster. Carefully choose a high-quality polish that matches with your furniture type. Apply the polish gently with a soft cloth and then buff to make it shine.

You can use natural oils such lemon oil for wood conditioning and enhancing its natural shine. Simply add a small amount with a soft cloth and buff to make it shining and remove excess oil.

Preventive Care Is Necessary

Your wooden furniture is likely to last long if you take preventive measures on time. Here are some points that will help you in doing so.

  • If you and your family members are used to keeping drinks and food on the furniture then make sure you use coasters and placemats to avoid any water rings and heat marks later on.
  • Avoid keeping your furniture in direct sunlight as it can harm its texture making the wood fade and crack with time. Use curtains to block the direct rays from coming in.
  • Humidity can make wood contract and expand therefore; it is necessary to maintain the indoor environment. This can be done by using humidifiers and dehumidifiers as and when required.
  • If you are fond of placing decorative pieces on furniture then make sure that you use pads below to avoid scratches.

Managing Minor Damage and Scratches

No matter how much you try to keep your wooden furniture intact, it is natural that it will face some scratches and damages once in a while. But you need not worry as these can be managed easily and effectively. Here are some steps that will help you out.

Scratch covers are easily available in the market which can be used to protect the wood. This cover must match the color of the wood so that it doesn’t look odd and must be put properly as per the instructions provided by the furniture manufacturers.

Minor scratches and damage can be easily fixed by using a mixture of vinegar and olive oil. Take a soft cloth to apply this mixture having equal part of both the ingredients. Let it sit and then buff it.

Take Professional Help When Required

When damage is out of control and you cannot fix it on your own, seek professional help immediately. They have proper tools and expertise to take the necessary action and save your wooden furniture. Also, do contact them for regular maintenance to keep your furniture in good condition.

If your follow the above points, they will surely help you in increasing the life of wooden furniture available in your home. It is your duty to maintain and take of the furniture that you have added to your home’s interior. Rigid Industries is one of the best wooden furniture manufacturers in Dubai that offers regular maintenance and guides you well about how to take care of the furniture that you are purchasing.

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